CBD is my Xanax



Hey everyone! I noticed I got some new followers! Thanks for reading and especially thank you for the add and the love!

Two Months of CBD

So, I just finished my second month of using CannaKids Sativa CBD drops and I feel motivated! They help me get mentally focused for the day ahead, they chill me out, and get me ready to do my job. After much weekend experimentation and consideration I now take my first 50 mg dosage in the morning on an empty stomach, then I have some tea, and then eat. I’ve found that the CBD lasts me all day, 7 hours, until I get home, which is when I take my second dosage of 50 mg. 

Before I had the drops I’d wake up exhausted, go to work and feel like an angry robot, and would feel too stressed out to be happy at home.  At times it felt as if my mind was screaming and my body was buzzing and over stimulated. Doing the things I used to immerse myself in, like writing or art, turned into a towering Rubik’s cube I was too small to solve. That’s when I started therapy and started to really change my life. I started taking care of myself better, drinking water like a normal person, eating healthier meals, sleeping, taking time for myself away from work.

As the anxiety and depression became more manageable with talk therapy I started to research ways to reduce anxiety without Xanax. You see, Xanax, or Xannies, as we used to call them in the early 2000’s, are addictive. I can’t have them. You can draw the dots and lines. So, as an alternative I found that cannabis was very effective for me, that is until it began working against me. After over a decade of smoking cannabis I became more unmotivated and anxious than ever. After doing some observations on how I felt before and after I smoked certain strains I came to the conclusion that part of my problem was that I was smoking a lot of heady Sativas. Now, I know better. The cloud has lifted. I was doing it wrong (for me). Instead of massive bong rips, I vape. Instead of smoking a strain that makes me get internal, obsess, and stress more, I go the more calming route with Indica and Hybrid strains so I’m not mentally over my threshold.

I found CBD! Or it found me!

 When I started taking the drops everyday I noticed my mind was clearer, sharper, and my creativity began to flow easier. My body also felt more relaxed and there was less tenseness and pain in my back, neck, and jaw. I was able to focus and paint, write articles, and blog posts; and even started taking initiative to writing again as a profession. CBD is by no means a wonder drug and should be used under the supervision of a doctor; especially if you have a history of mental health issues. Be safe and educate yourself about the risks and the benefits of CBD and cannabis. It’s by no means a cure-all or quick fix. In order for me to see any improvement in myself I had to work at my own issues over time and had to do a lot of trial and error to know what felt best for me and my body.








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