Fear of Clowns

This was inspired by the rainy weather going on in Los Angeles paired with Tumblr suggesting pages like Deep Dark Fears. I loved how the comic tackles the concept of fear through collaboration with the blogs followers and their experiences with fear. Check it out.

I’ve experienced fear at different points in my life and so have you. Unless you’re one of the very few people on the planet that doesn’t experience the sensation of fear.

I learned something  new today. Fear can be inspirational. I figured, why not write a poem about an irrational fear I had as a kid. “IT” that was created by Stephen King, the one and only. Hands down, it’s one of Tim Curry’s best performances; besides being in Rocky Horror (because those are all I know him from).

The thought of this clown murdering me had me panicking at 2:45pm every rainy day. You see, I had to walk home in elementary school. Over a concrete bridge that went over a big sewer drainage that led to the ocean. There was a chain link fence with warning signs of flooding, no trespassing,  graffiti and some smelly green algae gunk. On rainy days I’d be staring at the round dark hole in the sewer, creeped out and sneakers soggy. “Let’s see that stupid clown try and catch me” I’d barely taunt and scurry across.

Fucking Pennywise is terrifying and  funny at the same time. But only because I’m old enough to know I could blow light holes through Pennywise’s ass face with my asthma inhaler and some silver. Ugh. I’ll be honest, sometimes if I’m alone at night in the bathroom I’ll still freak out just a little.

Ode to Pennywise


LA is mysteriously drowning

beneath thick ash clouds

and a snapping wind

patters begin to fall

on the pavement and soil

newspaper plastic bags snagging

on broken twigs and in dark corners

patters turn to sheets

oily gutter water twirling

down the storm drain

a yellow drain jester appears

to inch a little closer

he has balloons and a boat

and a crooked smile

and molten ember stare

that drags you in

and down the drain

with his toothy grin

now an open jagged mouth

in a guttural chuckle

delights and swallows

we all float down here


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